Goof ball thing at Uekman 7-on-7

after talking to Montaric Brown I decided to go back to the car to post the update. I get to the car and the key won’t go all the in so I unlock the door. I chalk it up to be it being an older model and the lock just being worn out. I try and try for a good 15-20 minutes so I call my wife and tell ask her to bring another key thinking maybe my key had somehow been damaged.

While I’m still working the key into the lock I notice a window shade in the floorboard and instantly know I’m at the wrong car. The same model and color car is just four spots over from where I parked.

Ok? Soooooo, what about the update?

I guess the battery was dead on the key fob, lol.

…go out to my blue Honda CRV, hit my clicker as I walk up and the door unlocks. I open the door and there is a ladies purse on the console so I know I’m at the wrong car. Behind me, the lady who had hit her clicker at the same time as mine says “Sir? Can I help you?” I then realize my car (same color, model, everything) is two cars over so she decides I’m just a crazy confused old man, not a thief.

It was posted Friday. Also had him in Sunday’s column.

I was glad they didn’t come out and see me trying to get into their car.