Goodman’s SEC projection

He did fix where he had Arkansas. But he still has Bama and UT too high in my opinion. I see Arkansas at #3. Any opinions?

What have I missed? Alabama number one??

I don’t see where Alabama is #1. Tennessee will be very good, so top 3 for them seems right. Kentucky is Kentucky, so top 3 for them is good too. Florida isn’t top 3 and I still don’t know how White still has a job there. I think you can interchange Arkansas and Auburn for the 3-4 spot.

I’d love to see the justification of Alabama being #1.

Kentucky is not going to be very good unless they get the waiver for the kid from Wake Forest (and I understand if he doesn’t get it he’ll go pro rather than sit out a year). Top 3 for them is too high IMO. I don’t get Alabama either.

I’d probably put us just outside the top 25 too so that part is OK with me, depending on what Zay decides.

A top recruiting class, two big time transfers and nice returning cast. Roster looks stacked. That is what I figure why he has Bama at #1. Plus Goodman is a Nate Oats fan. But I think that is too high.

247 Sports has Arkansas at #8 and Alabama at #12. Last recruit Alex Tchikou is big time.

Bama has a big man graduate transfer in Jordan Bruner that Hogs wanted. And 5 star McDonalds AA redshirt transfer from Villanova, Jahvon Quinerly becomes eligible.

Plus following his twitter, he expects Kira Lewis to stay in the draft, but John Petty and Herb Jones to return. In addition, hot shooter Jaden Shackleford and Alex Reese return.

I was somewhat aware of some of the info, but guess I thought Oates’ first team failed to live up to their talent level, so not sure they or Oates have merited this anointing. Of course, predictions are just for entertainment, so until the season plays out he is as accurate or inaccurate as any of us.

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I think we are going to have to earn back the respect we have lost in the last 20-25 years. We will have to go do it. That is okay. If we are good, then we will get it. If not, we won’t.

I am not sure where Alabama was projected to finish last year. While our reason for not finishing higher in SEC is that we lost Joe for six games, Alabama’s reason is that they lost Herb Jones, who was their stopper in defending the opponent’s top scorer. They were on track to make the tournament like us before they lost Jones for some games like Joe did.

His top 50 National rankings are also pretty weird. No SEC team above #18 Bama. It would seem Goodman has an anti-SEC bias in basketball, thus the placement of a probably good, not great Bama team as #1 in the SEC.

I thinks it’s the wait n see attitude out there. 1 more year and what Muss does with a revamped roster.
Goodman may not expect IJ to return, not that he ever thought much of AR anyway, but I thought that was mostly bias against MA.
As for him picking Bama # 1, just reaching or showing his true colors.

I love our team’s potential.but we have so many people who appear to be able to play it’s going to take awhile to figure out our best lineup and get the chemistry where it needs to be.

If you put out rankings at this point that don’t spark discussion, you are wasting your time. That’s why he has BAMA at 1 and KY at 4.

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