Goodheart wins national player of week. But an Alabama player get sec player of week. The Alabama players Stats weren’t as good as Goodheart’s Stats. Amazing

You really have to take the SEC awards with a grain of salt. The conference does not want to have the same players win week after week. Goodheart won player of the week a few weeks ago. If he hadn’t have won already, he would have been a shoo in this week.

If they aren’t going to give an award to the player that deserves it they should get rid of the award!

Passing around awards as noted is something I dealt with in my sales force. At our annual meeting every July we had awards for high performance. A few of my 45 mid managers wanted to pass around awards to please everyone (in other words a new winner every year). Frustrating for me but typically once you drill them on why they choose the person most deserving.

It’s the “participation awards” mentality that seems to have take over. Can’t hurt the fragile psyches.

Participation supersedes merit. PC culture at work.
Equality of outcomes is paramount. Maybe we all should receive the same grades and pay.
Better yet, cancel congress. They receive way too much preferential treatment. It’s simply not Fair.

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