Goodheart’s HR

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Yep that’s what was said on radio. But we still need to know who hits the building 1st right?
Since Goodheart cleared it completely, lol.

My question would be who endangers the folks at the suite level first? Goodheart hit it over them. Sometimes the camera work at BWS hasn’t been the greatest and you can’t see the ball leave the yard, but that’s been an ongoing problem; we’ve had people hitting it over the scoreboard for years and I haven’t seen that on TV yet.

I never saw that ball leave the yard. I don’t know if it was bad camera work or ineffective lighting or camera. Either way, all I could see was the right fielder looking up & hearing the announcers describe it.

It is tough to follow home runs if you’re running a camera. You’re depending on the reaction of the fielders and of fans. At Baum there are no fans in the outfield, except for in left. You probably aren’t going to see anything land elsewhere unless it is in the right-field bullpen or it bounces off the video board.

I don’t doubt that. You’re right. It’s easier to see those that fall in the BP’s or just beyond the LF BP into the crowd.

Casey hit it last weekend, and that’s the first to hit it on the fly in a game. Others have bounced in the bullpen and then touched it, and still others have been torched between it and the scoreboard, or hit the scoreboard itself. But this was the first one that smacked into the Development Center, I believe. As you will see, others have opinions on that matter as well. But I have been watching for this, since I started the thread several weeks ago.

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