Goodheart "hot, hot, hot"!

Mandatory eye tests Monday for all batters hitting below .320. Gracious, what a difference a pair of up to date contacts can make.

The new contact have made a huge diffeeemce. Maybe your right! He is sure hiting the ball hard.

Does anyone know what Goodheart prefers as his fielding position, i.e., when he’s not the DH?

I ask wondering what he might play next year (assuming he won’t / can’t go pro) and wondering whether or not he would be a likely late inning replacement player for a right handed batter?

well his appraoch to hitting is as good as we have on the team,he hits the ball where its pitched,so new contacts help but he has excellent discipline and is not pulling off pitches,Fletcher is doing the same thing and if we could ever convince Martin to do it this offense would be very hard to stop.

I think it is more of a problem than just trying to pull the ball with each swing. It seems to me his swing plane is messed up this season. Lots of pop-ups. He had this same unusual batting stance, but it seems he’s even more crouched down this year than last. Don’t we have the same batting coach we had last year? Casey has been too good a hitter for this not to be able to be corrected with just slight adjustments.

Martin is getting himself out on hot swing at strikes and his swing is a little bit too much uppercut