Goodheart at 1st Base?

I’ve been thinking about this every since Slavens got hurt… Wasn’t Goodheart a 1st Baseman before hurting his arm? My 2nd question, is his arm healthy? If his arm’s healthy, why not get Goodheart more engaged and let Welch be the DH?? Goodheart might actually hit better if he was playing. Just a thought… and maybe Clay could answer his arm health and practice at what I thought was his normal position?? Might be a good time to make the change when it doesn’t matter as much. Thanks Guys!!

He can’t throw. If he could he’d play there. Good thought. But won’t work.

Thanks Clay!

Clay, Do you think he’ll come back assuming his arm would be healthy next year? Thanks again!

I don’t know if his arm is ever gonna let him throw normal again. His draft stock is not high, but if he comes back the signing bonus goes to nothing. I figure he will sign this year - if he’s drafted.

Did I see lineup right?? Goodheart in left???

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Yes Goodheart in LF . Thought he couldn’t throw!

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Oh my….

That’s a shocker

I don’t think he can throw real well. It’s a great thing to see him out there.

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