Did I miss something? If I did, I am sorry, but what happened to Gooden?

My guess, math and science, or math and English…

Tampa Bay “Ring of Honor” inductee last night at halftime of MNF … buccaneers

Has anything official been stated? Did we pull our offer? Is he attending JC one more semester to get qualified, if that is the issue?

It would seem that Billy Ferrell’s academic gain was Mr. Gooden’s loss. It would also seem that a new staff would want high school players over junior college players (in most cases). You would think a new six-year contract would figure into that (as opposed to an old staff that knew it needed something next year or else).

Going to take Emmit Gooden

Ok. But why?

Grades? Prefer high school to JUCO?

Would it harm Arkansas or the coaches or him to know why? Your comments make it seem we could take him, but decided not to. It was said earlier that he would be called the week after the coaching change. Did that change?

As I have noted all along, Emmit wanted to play at Arkansas.

The former staff told him one afternoon they were not going to take him if he was not going to be mid-term grad, but then told him a dew hours later that they would wait on him.

He does not have the two classes the SEC requires over and above NCAA standards and would need to have to be eligible.

Emmit was told the new staff was going to call him, but had not as of this weekend.

I don’t have a reason for you on why yet.

He was schedule to visit Memphis this past weekend and is also involved with UAB.

Thanks. It all makes much more sense now.