Ok , if I read this the right way… He is waiting on us to see if we have enough defense scholarships, if we do were going to offer? If we don’t he is going to choose between Georgia and Tennessee :roll: So what is the deal here?? I don’t think the other D-Line we have sign can touch this kid …

No, not Georgia or Tennessee.

Likely Memphis.

Not quite sure if it is not being a sure-fire early enrollee or what has scared everybody off.

I love the kid - his play, his willingness to talk to me and get back with me quickly and our conversations that have nothing to do with football.

Seems like he is a pretty good kid…

We need him badly

Must be iffy on the grade issues. Nowadays you can’t take a chance on a kid and see whether or not he will qualify. Hope he can get it done.

The “claimed correspondence art class being the only hold-up” for SEC qualifying just rings hollow to me. If true, you think the recruit and the folks recruiting him to the SEC would have figured that out a long time ago and not have him suddenly realize something simple like that fell through the crack. There is a lot more reason than that for this staff and the other SEC staff to have backed away. With our numbers down due to the previous switch to the 3-4 and now back to the 4-3, we could use him, but it sounds like the earliest he might make it is sometime this summer which means he will be way behind helping next year.

I believe it is an NCAA thing, not an SEC one.

I also assume it was a grade on the class deal.

But there have been whispers that the former Arkansas staff was going to back away because he wasn’t going to be an early enrollee.

In fact, the old staff pulled the scholarship for about two hours before putting it back on the table.

That was one of the times he tweeted and people got going.

As I have said, the kid has always wanted to play here from his commitment in June on through.

At this point, it doesn’t sound like the numbers are going to be in Gooden’s favor based on the positions Chavis said were needed to be filled. Is that how you see it?

That’s what it looked like to me, as well. But, reading this kids Twitter he still thinks he is coming here, he’s recruiting Gerald, who talks about being at college with him. And I saw an OU media guy respond to a person talking about Gooden that he is an AR committ and would be surprised if he didn’t come to AR, even as a walk-on. By the way, Gooden retweeted it. Could he come as a blue/gray shirt?

IDK, but it’s an interesting situation. I always like talented young men who want to be Razorbacks to be Razorbacks. I guess we’ll see.

Chavis did not talk about the position needs, that was Coach Morris - who said DE, S and the best player(s) available

Sorry, got the two mixed up. Just wondering what your thoughts are concerning Gooden and the numbers.

I’m sure they are deciding that.

I don’t know how it is going to go

The kid from Ala Decommited today so that would seem to open up a slot if indeed this staff wan ted Gooden. It was reported that Chevis gave Gooden a call last week so sounds as if he was at ieast interested. I love kids who want to play for Ark with all their hearts. Especially when they are aq four star at a need position !

I’m the one that reported it. :sunglasses:

who decommitted from Alabama? guess I missed that

I think meant Mincey who was actually from Georgia…

I would think we need Gooden at the Interior Dline badly. We have to improve our Dline talent beside Sosa.

Gooden just got offered by Florida now moments like these are the reason why it’s hard to be an arkansas razorback fan… Florida who has achieved far more than we ever have in football and has a more established program, just like Oklahoma who signed Tre Norwood, offers a player who wants to come here but we think we are to good for smh Arkansas, trying to stay positive but we suck when we do stuff like this… Darren Mcfadden for coach lol

We/Rhoads liked Curl better than Norwood, I didn’t see much difference in the two. They both started after injuries and struggled at times.