goodbye top 10

defense is a long ways from being dependable and are not getting many clutch hits.we will be fine in time I think but we are not near ready for the SEC yet.

It’s February. I wouldn’t worry about anything just yet. That’s why we play games like this prior to the conference season. Am concerned that the bats were relatively silent and obviously the defense must improve. But not near worried about it at this point.

I’m not either but the defense has to get better and we have to find our 7-8 pitchers that we know we can depend on…our bats will wake up when we play Dayton this week they are like a HS team so maybe that will spark us to get on a run.

I remember the last time this team was rated this high, the season never panned out. It’s a long season but deja vu will stay on my mind for awhile. Lol.

Errors pretty much cost us this series. 7 errors in three games. Gotta get better!

I think this team got the big head with their ranking and the slaughtering of Bucknell. They need to forget about having neat social media stuff, like the HR Hog Hat (which for some reason bothered me), and focus on playing ball.

Most of mistakes were by freshmen. They will get better.

I played high school ball in Phoenix; these west coast guys are always ahead of the eastern states at the beginning of the season. They can play all year long. I’d a bit concerned if the games weren’t close.

I’ve seen the Cardinals have horrible West Coast trips but wind up winning it all or making a deep run in the playoffs. Hogs will learn from this week and move on. If they drop a ways in the polls, that may be a blessing in disguise. Maybe a little less pressure, though other baseball people will know what they are facing when they play the UA.


I played high school ball in Phoenix; these west coast guys are always ahead of the eastern states at the beginning of the season. They can play all year long. I’d a bit concerned if the games weren’t close.

[/quote]And that is exactly what DVH said at the first Swatters Club meeting, that the West Coast teams would be ahead of us, while we would be ahead of the East Coast, Northern teams.

How many of those errors were by freshmen? That’s what you have to look at. Those young players better gain some experience now before the conference season gets here. I wouldn’t sound an alarm! Who cares about a top 10 ranking right now. I just wonder sometime how much people consider the difference between winning and losing really is! Both games the hogs lost could have been wins.
Just play the upperclassmen and forget about player development. Is that what people want. I know I don’t you have to get the big hard throwing right handed on the mound and let him throw a few wild pitches to the screen and also field the ball and throw it into right field. I would wager he will set himself and make a good throw next time or eat it! If your a true baseball fan you need to be supporting the fact that these young hogs will get better and the upper class men will perform when the time comes.
Next game I’m ready.

The D1 ranking is out and the Hogs are #5.

I figured 2-2 was about what this trip would be. Van Horn knew they had hardly been outside in February. Hard to go from turf (inside) with no wind or sun and be sharp on defense. They need games. Freshmen are freshmen. They need time. Big shock to go to West coast early where they don’t need indoor facilities for baseball.


Could freakin’ care less about a top 10 ranking…you actually PLAY for the Championship in College bases. :sunglasses:

Man we fell all the way to #6.

UNC went 1-3 last week.

I believe you are talking about the 2013 team. I may be wrong but I believe at the beginning of the year they were ranked as high as #4. I had high hopes for that team. I went to Surprise, Arizona for the tournament that year (late February - early March). I was stranded for a couple of days in Elk City, OK. I40 had 20 inches of snow near Amarillo. I saw a lot of great sites on that trip. The Hogs were not one of them. They lost four straight, even getting beat by the University of the Pathetic (Pacific). Ficociello was such a disappointment that year after such promise as freshman. He ended up hitting around .247. I remember at the tournament he couldn’t buy a hit. He had that high, long looping swing that no one could help him with. I remember his mama was at the tournament and she kept hollering “Come on Bubba.” I guess that was his nickname. The Hogs recovered a little and limped to a regional at Manhattan, Kansas. I was there. We had trouble stringing together hits at that regional and lost.

I really think this team is way more talented than that team. I guess it remains to be seen if some of the guys fullfill their promise or tank like Ficociello.

wow surprised we are still in the top 10 the way we played.we are definently a top 10 team but certainly aren’t playing that way…maybe some home cooking the for the next 2-3 weeks will get us back in the groove.

They won the two most important games. Arizona will probably be decent again and that’s a good win against a Pac-12 team on neutral site. And, San Diego State, the other win, was a true road game and they are supposed to be good this year.