Goodbye smith, hello Orgeron!

Pray we get this guy. Dynamic recruiter and can get kids to play hard for him.

I would love Coach O as our D cord. I think there is a better chance of a pig flying out of my tail whistling dixie before that happens.

Agree on all parts of your post, Gentry. Would LOVE to have him but I don’t see that happening.

He’ll be head coach somewhere. Prob not LSU but somewhere.

I don’t see LSU hiring him and the announcers have been saying it all game. CBB had high praise for him this week. Could have been more to that. I’d be willing to bet, if Smith is fired, he will reach out and ask him about the position. I know they will pay the money to get him

Ogeron would never come work for beilema after how easily he beat down these quitters. we will be lucky to be able to keep Smith lol

Quitters? Really?

That’s what I was thinking? Come on man.

if we beat Florida like that but lose to lsu like this, it is not a talent issue solely. its coaching talent and effort. my comment was more to the point of how would Ogeron want to work under an employer incapable of motivating better effort and preparing better execution. Ogeron will have many options. if he chooses to be an assistant I reckon he will go work for someone that can teach him something.

Don’t know anything about the chance, but would love to have him

I honestly believe Coach B’s original DC will be returning come December.

And he immediately surpasses Smith as the best recruiter on staff.

Chris Ash? Hope he isn’t coming. Now if you meant Dline coach, Partridge, I’d be all for it.

Orgeron wants to be HC badly. He was upset that he didn’t get the USC job, so I expect him to be the same way this time. He wants to be the HC.

Afraid We won’t pay best salaries for the best coaches

We dont go get the kiffins of the world and prefer lesser known cheaper routes

Yet we expect to beat them