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I’ve long thought that basketball should do it like baseball. Go out of high school if you are good enough, or don’t mind playing in the minors. But if you go to school, you are there for three years or you turn 21.

My thoughts exactly.

It won’t affect the next years class but may come into play for the 19-20 season. That’s what I’m under the impression of.
I would like to see the kids that want to go to the NBA out of high school be allowed. They don’t stay long enough in college to do anything special. The diamonds in the rough that do come to college will be catching a lot of heat from every college in the country. The transfer rule change will make it a free market after each season as well.

Get ready for what some will say is the degradation of college basketball. In the scenario above the Hogs would probably not had Gafford. Instead of One and Dones, those players will never see a college court nor will probably any five star prospects and a good number of the top level four stars. If right out of high school you could make $75K to $100K what would you do?

What it will do is put even more pressure on coaches to identify the players that fit their system and have the ability to grow into players. Calipari will still cheat and coaches will have to prove how good of coaches they really are. I thin if a player is good enough to earn a living playing then they should be allowed too. This will not stop cheating at places where winning is everything but it might level the playing field a little.

I’m all for it. Most 5 star basketball players don’t go to college for an education and in fact only a small percentage of basketball players do get a college education even if they graduate. Contrary to the public’s opinion, other then degrees in engineering, law, medical, etc., and degrees from elite colleges, Harvard, Princeton, etc., most college degrees are almost worthless. Most end up with jobs requiring no more than a high school education.

And, if (I have my doubts) many 5 star players are bought, that would in effect eliminate buying players. That is because there are about 10 times as many 4 star players as 5 star player. Therefore, the top colleges would be able to fill their roster with 4 star players without buying them.

If a college is willing to buy 5 star players to win then they will be willing to buy 4 star players to win. Removing five star players from the equation will not take away the pressure to win or the money that College Basketball earns now. If Calipari/Ben Howland/Sean Miller will cheat to win now they will cheat to win later. This does nothing to solve that problem. It only allows the elite player to begin earning money earlier for their skills.

Not so sure about this. Gafford was the #31 recruit in the country according to Rivals, #47 according to ESPN. Are they going to dip that far down? Maybe, maybe not.

I do agree it will level the playing field a bit if some of the people Squid puts on his bench are in the G-League instead.

If they go to a supported “G-League” then I suspect that it will be the same as for the draft, teams will sign players on potential, and so players with both height and athleticism will be taken “Above” their rankings so that teams will have them in their system.

I am not against this, just saying that their will be consequences to allowing NBA teams to add players out of high school. If the League says each team can take only one player a year out of high school to add to their “G-league” team, then that is 30 players. If they get to take two then that is 60. If it was only one then I think Gafford would have made it into that range based on athleticism once pro scouts got a chance to see him in person. Just an opinion but if the League goes this route then all NBA teams must be allowed to do it. It will not just be a handful of players every year. The Players Association will get involved and rules will be put into place and I think every team will be allowed a certain # of high-school kids to add to their roster. Will that be one or two per year? Who knows at this point, I just think it is misguided to think it will only be 3-5 elite five stars that this affects.

Don’t force kids to go to college who aren’t there for the education.

It’s time for the state-sponsored semi-pro sports model to come to an end…

I disagree! No one could tell the true talent of Gafford until he played against better competition. I think it will help college basketball!
What it will do is change the current system that allows Greaseball to claim he puts kids in the league! He is the one coach that will suffer from this change. It will show just how sorry he is at his job “coaching”. An even playing field with him alone will make the SEC more competive and probably get him fired in the Bluegrass state.
For the NBA players that run their mouth and never stepped foot on a college campus what real knowledge do they have? Zero!
The problem in this country today is the same problem we have in the basketball scandal. ( Greed ). Put some people in jail and set a standard and stick to it!
What will happen in this whole mess they will change the rules and by the way
“Slick Rick” Pittino will still be in College Basketball Hall of Fame - (Shame). Dirt bags like Greaseball, Lying Bruce, Honest Ben and Bag man Miler will still have their jobs and run their mouths about how great they are and how their kids don’t listen to them.


College basketball has been gutted for a long time! When shoe companies are paying coaches more money in endorsements than their coaching contracts, when the NCAA turns thier Head on every blue blood when theirs an investigation and by the media running their mouth and giving all the hype to the blue bloods. The AAU circuit replaced college. Not actually but if provided the top players across the country the chance to play against better competition and gain experience the players use to get in college. The whole system is money driven! I guess they will need to expand the G league to about 50 teams and the NBA may need to add another 10 to 20 teams. The NBA players may not like the result in the long term their may be a lot of journeymen that won’t be able to get those contract on the back end of thier careers and younger players being available will crowd the job market.
For people that share my distaste for the arrogance of the elite athletes whom think they are bigger than the game and have all the answers for political problems join me in tuning out the NBA, and NFL!
When their playing days are over after making millions a lot of superstars are broke and don’t have a degree to get a job with so they are just as average as anyone else! Just run thier mouths that what they are real good at!

I disagree.

Daniel was not thought of as a one-and-done.

Right now, I still think he will be playing two years here.