Good year

Good year considering the challenges this team carried all season, and the oddity is it was our seniors that generated the problems. The worsted senior lead team I can think of under Mike here at Arkansas…He’s had seniors that led who accomplished more with less especially at the guard positions…Regardless this incoming class will make you forget about last season period.

Coming in second makes it a great year. It is now the start of inning 4, game 3 and you can feel it is the mood and see it the expressions. Oregon State won and everyone knows it. It is just going through the motion for the balance of the game. However, Arkansas did put up a good fight against the better team.

Shouldn’t this be on the baseball board?


Shouldn’t this be on the baseball board?

[/quote]Yes, it should.


You know what let’s keep it going (this board is dead anyway) I agree finishing runner-up in the National Title game is a amazing achievement.

The way they lost, that empty sickening feeling will haunt them to the point of wanting to fill that void with nothing less than a National Championship.

What say Yes…


Yes, I agree. Also, it is the way they lost–ahead at the end of the 9th with two outs and two strikes–that hurts so bad. It would have hurt 40 times less if Oregon State was ahead 8 to 2 at the start of the 9th.

Excellent point!