Good year

Nowhere close to great year. Terrible ending.

Way way way way way way underachieved

They made the tourney, and played like they didn’t care or were not prepared.

Some of the worst D you will see from a promgram that used to be all about D.

Mike did a good job with a rag tag bunch and probably deserves more credit that we will give him out of frustration today.

Critics of Mike will say his team was not prepared to play today and its hard to argue after a blowout first round loss. Not a buzzer beater. A blow out.

Good season for us with what we had I suppose.

But hopeful for so much more from this program than uninspired ball in NCAA.

I wouldn’t call it a good year. Bad year? No. OK year I guess.

With all these Seniors it should have been better. When the JC guys came we were told by certain posters on this board how they were going to change things.

Was this year better than no NCAAT? Yes. My expectations are more than that (in general, bad years do happen).

Not really…didn’t get as far as last year

I’m sure I’m one of the certain posters. I’m pretty disappointed in the loss. I felt like our studs didn’t bring it today.

But, by any objective measure they changed things from when they arrived. I don’t know how anyone can dispute that.

I just don’t think a 7 seed and a first round blow out lost is the kind of change we were led to believe.

Been to the tournament 3/4 years. Need to do more but progress is progress.

Emphasis: NEED TO DO MORE.

The thing the is killing me right now is that THIS was the year, loaded with Seniors. We know we will never have the one and dones like UK does, so, the theory goes, get guys with good talent, not UK talent mind you, and keep them, wait until they are Jr’s and Sr’s and have that good year. Well, that didn’t work.

No one should place blame on the 18-21 year olds for what many feel was a huge letdown this season.
Everything tests at the doorstep of Coach Anderson.
These kids play hard most of the time and they are his recruits.
So, if these are the best players he can get to play for him as a Head coach at the University of Arkansas, the results all completely on him, not the kids.
Players will have good games and bad games during a season, but the coach gets paid to recruit and sign players to fit his style of play and the buck stops with him.
If the past seven years are as good as we can expect for the next seven, eventually a change in some of the coaching staff, style of play and type of players we recruit may have to be addressed.
We aren’t a win at all cost program, but we should be more competitive than we’ve been in the past couple of decades.

Go Hogs!

This is all on Mike to put his players in a position, style, scheme and adjustments that set them up for success.

Garbage. For people who are so anti-PC and so “keep it real”, you sure want to absolve the actual players from all responsibility and blame the coach.

It’s a make or miss sport. And it’s big-boy basketball. Sometimes it is on the players.

Coaching legends like Roy, Coach K and Bill Self lost 10, 7 and 7 (we lost 12) and they have the best talent in the country.

Sometimes you just get beat. Your last paragraph about how we should be more competitive in the next seven years than we have been in the last few decades completely ignores that we have been much more competitive in the MA era than we have been for decades.

I think, you think, they think, whatever, but the last part of your final sentence above is certainly a fact, regardless of what any of us think on other aspects of the situation. It smokes well in my pipe.


You don’t have to like it but it is fact.

I no one thing The fastest 40 mins shirts is crap. We play slower than an Ivy league team,

I would first like to say that I do believe Coach Anderson has brought this program back to a level of respectability and he is a definite upgrade over Heath and Pelphrey.

Here is an interesting FACT: In the 7 years Coach Anderson has been here we have been to 3 NCAA tournaments and have a grand total of 2 NCAA tournament wins. In the 7 years previous to Coach Anderson we had 3 NCAA tournaments and a grand total of 1 NCAA tournament win.

Wow, that’s an interesting fact. However, it doesn’t set well with me. I guess I expected more from Coach A.

There are any number of ways to judge success. Yours is one.

I’ve been on these boards a long time and I think you have as well. I’ve seen all the merry go round arguments for keeping and firing coaches; even been involved in quite a few. Life is too short to get into that stuff. Dudley, Matt, et al. are paid to discuss such matters. I’m not.

If you don’t care and don’t have expectations for this basketball program then why are you even on this message board discussing it.

The system and Mike are sacred cows to some of you, and [color=#FF0080]it is startling to see posters blame the players for the symptoms of a system that should be in very limited use. [/color]There is no reason why Mike can’t adapt and use trapping man as well as other defenses depending on the opponent. Mike could adapt and take us to another level. Mike is a good man but he chooses to use the trapping man with switches that consistently leave bigs on the perimeter and our guards covering bigs in the paint. The players are running around at a break neck pace, out of position, reacting by using their hands because they out of position.

I like the fast paced style but our style has limitations while other fast paced styles use solid defense and rebounding. I also believe that Mike is not good at adapting his scheme for the players on the roster. We do not have the players on the roster this year, last year and one of the Portis years to use this system. I am not going to accept his choice of style when that can be fixed like he did last year. We are so much better when we use match up zone for over half the game. His trapping man style fails to be consistent and fails to win the big games unless we shoot lights out to make up for rebounding. I will accept that he has not been able to recruit with the Cheating environment and don’t feel right being critical about that. I just want Mike to adapt and stay in spite of what some on this board to want to twist.

Didn’t say I don’t care.