Good Yahoo Sports article on the Hogs and Sam

Good short read about our football program turnaround under CSP. I looked through the threads and didn’t see this posted yesterday. Sorry if it’s been posted previously.

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Not sure I go along with the increased difficulty of the schedule. Our toughest road game becomes BYU, not Georgia then Alabama. Texas is gone (and we played/whipped them before we knew we were good). Bama, LSU and Ole Miss come to RRS. So do the Chickens as our rotating East team. Liberty will fall off without Malik Willis. Cincy may not be as good either. And we replace UAPB with the Fighting Petrinos; the over under on volleyball/motorcycle jokes that week is 5000.

Yeah, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Our SEC schedule will become easier just by losing GA. However, on paper, this next season could contain the toughest 3 OOC teams in many years. BYU, Cincy, and Liberty. If “Bucky” remains at Liberty, they will still be a decent football team. No GA Southern, Rice or UAPB, like this year. If we don’t play well early, we certainly could lose 1 or 2 OOC games.

Certainly, our schedule will be no walk in the park. At the very least, one of the 10 toughest schedules in the country.

That’s pretty much a given around here.

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