Good win!

Every win from here on out is a very good win!
Thanks for protecting the home court!
Go Hawgs!


Gafford only had 4 shots!!!

That’s the amazing stat of the game as well as many other games!
He was a surprising 5/7 from the free throw line. He was a non factor for a lot of the game because he committed some silly fouls.
It’s a win. I hope Joe gets to feeling better.

We’re currently ninth in the league at 3-4, which isn’t bad considering we had a four-game losing skid in there. Obviously we would hope to improve that by the end of February. It would help to win one of the two roadies coming up at LSU and SoCar (debating a trip south to Columbia for that one). And we need to beat Vandy next week.

Definitely a good team win! Mike has to bring in some shooters next year. We just have such a hard time scoring. I hate that the McBride kid from LR chose Kansas. He would help. I will never root against the Hogs, I hope we turn it on and finish much better.

Update: We’ll be tied for eighth with the loser of the Bummer-Moo U game, which right now the Leghumpers are down by 8.

It was a good win thanks to us causing GA TO’s and getting steals and blocking shots. Defense was good except for rebounding on both ends.
We shot FT’s excellent until the latter part of the game, thank goodness they weren’t a factor then, well GA was worse so that helped.

10 point SEC win is always a good thing.

Yes it was… I didn’t see but about the last 10 minutes of it.hard to believe we got outrebounded by 20 and still won by 10 that won’t happen very often.

Good defense leads to good win ! WPS

Swine, you are one of my favorite posters, but some times I just can’t follow you. Bummer-leghumper…I know that I’m not the smartest pup in the litter, but hell I just don’t know who you are talking about…Keep the good posts coming!

Much needed and good win… start the run.

Some Swinespeak:

Bummer - Bama
Leghumper - Miss St
Paperclip U - Oklahoma

There are more, just let us know we will translate :wink: