Good win...

I liked to see a little adversity for them.
Officiating was bad and they let them claw back late but they came through and closed them out.

And Gafford. Holy smokes. Gafford is insane.

If you watched on SECN+ Manny said only four coaches had coached 15 years or more and never had a losing season. CMA, Izzo, Williams, and did anyone hear who he said the fourth was?

Mark Few at Gonzaga


Letting Fresno get back into the game at the end will give Mike an opportunity to get their attention in practice this week. They seemed to lose focus at times.

And Fresno really came at them hard. Fresno will win a lot this year.

Now we can all root for Samford, Bucknell and Fresno State to win a lot of games.

I was thinking that when Fresno started their little run.