Good win ...

We are doing great to get wins when Moses isn’t giving us much at all offensively. Signs of a team that’s growing and getting better.

I like the way CMA teaches his kids how to play offense rather than teaching them “plays”. It makes your team harder to scout offensively. I still think we need a few set plays for when times are tough offensively and we haven’t gotten the rhythm that we are accustomed to. May help us cut down on those 3-5 minute FG droughts.

I sure do wish we had Macon for 4 years. I was almost bashed for saying he was our best player a few weeks ago … I still think he is. Ik he only hit 1 FG today … but he’s proven himself much more than capable at both ends of the floor.

Love the way Barford’s shot looked in first half. Looked really smooth. If he could hit 35-38% from the 3 pt line and average 3 attempts a game … that would be great.

I agree about having a few sets but I think Coach does that. The problem is those plays get Moses a post up and he’s not scoring one on one so nobody doubles down to open up shooters. All kinds of things open up if Moses can score one on one. He is not finishing around the basket with even the slightest contact. He was pretty much dominated last night by an undersized freshman. Cook and Thomas are ugrades from years past but still are not post threats.

He does have set plays. There is always one coming out of the timeouts, for example. That is one of the misinformation that circulates about an uptempo coach. Heck, even Guy Lewis had set plays.

I have said it before, when Barford is open, his shot looks smooth and he nails them. His problem has been taking difficult shots to live up to his Juco scoring reputation. He looks to be a complete combo guard with no apparent weaknesses.