Good Win Tonight

Houston’s a decent team. Played some of the best defense we’ve played this year. Guarded the 3 point line pretty well all in all—not many uncontested 3s by the Cougs. Solid free throw shooting. Good movement got a lot of folks involved in the offense. Cleaned the glass pretty well too. This may help our RPI down the line.

It was a good game. A lot of fun to watch

It is helping it right now. On Warren Nolan’s RPI, beating Houston jumped us from 21st to 14th, with the #36 SOS.

Also, we have two more games with top 100 RPI teams before Christmas (and neither one is Texass). Win those, pick up a neutral site win against the Fallopians, and we could be 11-1 going into the Florida game with a really good RPI.

That can’t be true. Just a week ago (or less) posters had decided this is nowhere near a NCAAt team.

That would be the posters who live by the credo “if you can’t say anything negative, don’t say anything at all”.