Good win tonight

strange game but we hung onto to win it…good to see us get some timely hits…Scroggins gets the gamwe ball he was awesome!! Cronin came in throwing BB’s to close it out

My guess is that Scroggins will be the Sunday starter vs. Stony Brook next week. Or, who knows, he might start Friday and bump Campbell and Noland back a day. He earned it with the way he pitched tonight.

Someone I trust told me the week before the season began that he thought Scroggins would be the third starter. Then he had a really bad outing six days before the season began when he walked four straight batters in, I think, the second inning, similar to what he did tonight in the fourth.

If he can get his command under control he can be pretty good. He throws hard but he can also locate pretty well. I thought his first two innings tonight were a thing of beauty, especially how he spotted up various pitches. Casey Opitz did a nice job of framing some, too, not only for him but the other pitchers. I remember one pretty vividly from Kole Ramage that was low in the zone a bit, but Opitz’s work got a strike called.

He very well could Matt he was very impressive I could also see him being a setup man some for Cronin. He has an out pitch with a breaking ball,vermilion doesn’t quite have the sharp enough break to strike people out like scroggins can

I feel a lot better about our pitching than I did several weeks ago. I was afraid we’d just lost too many to replenish the lineup. However, DVH always seems to find good ones. Wicklander is a great addition. I knew Noland was coming, but I wasn’t sure how good he’d be if he also stayed with football.

Since DVH thinks this might be his best BP in years, I really like our chances to get back to Omaha. (Yeah, I know that always requires a certain amount of luck, but as long as we’re good enough, I’m not too worried about luck.)

There is generally growth from one year to the next with the pitching. Sometimes you see more growth there than anywhere else on the team. Chris Curry (UALR coach) told me last fall after their scrimmage that they had seen all these pitchers in recruiting and thought highly of this staff as it layed out for the next two years. He knows more than me. I believe him.

who haven’t we seen much of that can help with depth pitching wise? i think we’ve seen the top pitchers so far in camp. kopp can certainly help if healthy. anyone else?

I am anxious to see Knopps on the mound.
He is the wild card to set up Cronnin or close. The starting pitching needs to be solid but the bull pen will also have to perform.
I’ve been really surprised seeing Noland and Wicklander. Last night doesn’t change anything when it comes to Wicklander.

Kevin Kopps is the main one. I also think Caden Monke and Evan Taylor might be given a chance in some midweek games. Maybe Collin Taylor, too. The Taylors are brothers.

AHA! I thought that they might be. I just finished loading all of my rosters and the last thing that I do for the Hogs is to load hometown/school. When I saw that the Taylors went to the same school, I suspected as much.

Are the Taylor brothers Freshmen?

39 Evan Taylor LHP L/L \tFr. \t6-4 \t235 \tFlorence, Ala. / Florence HS
44 Collin Taylor RHP R/R \tR-So. 5-11 220 Florence, Ala. / Walters State CC / Florence HS