Good Win Hogs

Keep on throwing on first down. That’s our best play and enables our best athletes to perform with the greatest advantage.

(That second and 9 after a one yard rush is a killer, though.)

My view is our OLine is just not skilled enough to pass block well and run block well. We need to focus on doing one of those better. I say it’s pass blocking.

I think we need to work on those quick hitting timing patterns, Starkel can get the ball out as quick as anyone. Keep working, bring the defense in tight and then throw it over their heads.

Our OL and our DL were both outplayed today. I like the OL we finishe the game with, I’d like them to have a few games to gel together.

Our young DE’s have a chance to improve. Our senior DT’s …just don’t make plays. I hate typing that, and I know TJ had a couple nice plays late, maybe they’ll figure it out


I was at the game…I disagree that our lines were outplayed. CSU attacked our ends and were successful on several plays. To me the interior linemen held their own. We played freshmen at DE and it showed. The defense won the 4th quarter.

The oline gave Starkel time to step up and make several nice passes. The line opened several nice holes for our backs. In addition, there were holes open that our backs didn’t see. If they had the right cut, we would had several long runs.

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I agree that this team is improving, and they are just so young. Really hope that 4th quarter is the start of something bigger!


Beer taste better with the win!

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