Good win by the ladies...good step for the program

83-78 ladies

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Woke up checking the score, hoping it was close. Great win for the ladies!

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Great win!

Yeah it was a good win. It really wasn’t that hard, should have been much worse. We left a lot of points out there. Gimme’, layups, open looks.

They play so fast, so uptempo, they run off everything, they just run all the time. Half court possession last about 2 seconds it seems, they play so fast in everything they do. Hurry up and shoot.

The run they made to get ahead and then to
maintain the lead just had Baylor sucking air. They wore them out. It was fun.

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If we’d shot threes decently it wouldn’t have even been close. But attacking the rim was the way to go and it worked.

They do try to win with the most points possible.

They attacked and lived at the FT line. I only seen the last 7-8 mins of the game and thought our defense and rebounding during that time was great against Baylor’s size.

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