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With no active sports, I’ve been spending some time listening to the Hog Pod, Bo Mattingly’s podcast since he’s stopped doing the daily radio show. So far there are more than 50 episodes, ranging from Chad Morris to Mason Jones to Earl Boykins. You can subscribe at iTunes or Google Play, or I just find them at the UA website. Every episode is listed/listenable here:

Currently listening to the Mason Jones podcast. Bo is good as drawing the subjects out and getting them to talk about themselves.

Listened to a couple episodes on the way to arkansas, from NoLa today . Kendal briles, and Barry Odom episodes, I thought both were really good

Hey jrjdent…did they suspend dental school for now?

Listened to a lot of them since I drive for a living. Most last about 45 minutes,…Bo does a really good job with these,…Almost makes me want to forgive him for foisting the likes of Tim from Little Rock, Tiger Bait and Eddie from Clarksville upon us,… :slightly_smiling_face:

Vandy has not suspended med school, but med students are not allowed in patient contact and are banned from the OR due to supply restrictions. Today, Nashville went on stay at home advisory turning to a rule for Davidson county at midnight. The nebulous essential services are excepted. We finally had a COVID death yesterday. If we could trade Cuomo for Trump then the curve would be flattened dramatically. Active leadership that knows resources has been speculated to potentially impact the disease prevalence as much as anything. Kinda scary and sobering for me to see friends I know very well on television setting the rules. Research went down first and now clinical training is curtailed immensely.

They did, as of this past Tuesday.
I have a feeling we won’t be going back until at the earliest May. But we will see
We are doing classes online via Zoom, now.

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