Good to see Player Parents Endorsing the Coaching

One of our best players especially.

You afraid we were going to miss this?? You are relentless, if nothing else.

Lots of folks don’t know how to access the twitters Keith! A public service for them!:grinning:

low class if you ask me… but it’s the world we live in these days. I assume he has the right players in the right position and mentally and physically ready every game. whatever…

Some people thrive on this stuff… if we were winning and all was good Jackson would have nothing to say… I asked him once who was the last coach he didn’t want fired but he never answered :slight_smile:

Most of us fans are just disappointed and frustrated on what going on with our Football program . Message boards are good places to vent .

When one of the best player’s parent ( and former HS coach) implies in a public forum that we have a coaching problem it’s news.

JLS, but he won’t admit it.:smile:

I hope he is saying that with slightly better footwork one of our QBs might have completed some key passes and we might have won the A&M game. And if we had tried a different QB, we might have had some little success in the Tiggers game.

In other words, I think he is saying we are close, we have sufficient talent, and the coaches need not shoot themselves over our bad luck. Something needs to happen with our QBs to pull out our season.

The best example of a win-win I could imagine!

Does this move Coach Curl slightly ahead of Mike Leach on THE LIST? :grin:


We’re not out of bowl contention yet. Just saying.

Why shouldn’t this tweet have been posted on this message board? It is very pertinent to what’s currently going on in the Arkansas football program. It is relevant to players’ and their parents’ feelings about the coach. It could be relevant regarding next seasons transfer portal. I would never have seen this, if Jackson had not posted it. I also believe, if there are positive tweets from players’ parents about the coach, those should be posted here also.

It’s information about Arkansas football. Is that not what most members are looking for on this board?

I meant to put this “quote” in my above post.

A friend of mine has a friend who is parent of current player. Relayed to me this week that there is unrest among players and many are not buying into current system. Confirming what Jackson says…

This is a devastating statement if there’s any truth in it at all. By no means suggesting you are fabricating the story just saying this would really put us in a sad predicament. WPS

Yeeeeeesh. Not good.

Last coach I didn’t want fired for performance ? BMFP. But he had to go when he hit the ditch.

I have no inside knowledge just these tweets …and another saying he thinks 70% of the problem is coaching👀