Good to meet Luskimo

Robert Lusk dropped in on me and Millie at the Two Rivers Fly Shop today. He was happy to get a shop cap. But I was happy to put a face with a long time member of this forum. Plus I know where to hide in Stone County if things get tough. Retired patrolmen are good dudes to know.


the feeling was mutual and the wife asked about Millie…disclaimer…the beard is gone just the mustache but too lazy to change the profile pic…it shows my better half too


Every business needs a Millie.

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Richard, she is so chill. For 5 months, she is awesome. I had her there for about 5 hours. Jean Ann drops her while she volunteers at Norfork Elementary School. She greets folks but does not overwhelm them. We are beyond blessed with Millie. I have begun to leash train her. It is pure joy to take her on walks. She sort of prances beside me.

She has chased our local herd of deer into the woods but only for a short burst and quickly returns. I also expect her to catch a squirrel soon.

Her pedigree has dock launch champions scattered around. I am looking forward to some trips to a gravel bar near us with floating bumpers. She is going to love it when it gets hot. That cold trout stream is a lab’s best treat.


What a sweetheart.

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Rosie is starting to tolerate a new puppy with lots of energy. Rosie has bad hips and does not do well if she is bumped from the side by a 50-pound puppy. But they rest touching each other typical of the pack, each facing different direction. Both have great dispositions that is the hallmark of the breed. Pleasers. Millie needs exercise. The by product is that I am
getting exercise, too. That’s just fine.


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