good to hear

driving home listening to Bo’s show with Dudley on it, its nice to hear civil debate of the state of the basketball program. Both pros and cons. opinions good and bad.

one caller’s question intrigued me, and Dudley did have a response.

If we sign 4 for this year, lose Gafford, will that team be able to make a run, get to tournament, make a run there. one addition is Hill at point. Javon Franklin seems to be a foregone conclusion he will come here, will have 3 to play 3. Add the big kid from same school Cheney came from, Hawkins might be his name, and another big from a group of 4 more they are recruiting.

the questions are will the kids playing now be better, i will answer yes to that question. a season of learning, maturing, another year in the conditioning program.
Can Cheney step and be a force? I love this kids game, i will say probably but not certain.
Will Hill take the job away from Harris?
Can Harris develop a better outside shot?
Can the kids we sign come in right away and be productive?

no way to know the answers to all those questions, but more pieces will be in place. (that was in a nutshell Dudleys answer)

i got home when style of play was just starting to be discussed. i’ll bet that was interesting.

tomorrow night is a must win for us. a game we should win, if we lose, it will be 5 at home losses and a very bad one at that. then on the road to texas tech and play against everyones darling Chris Beard. There will be a lot of Beard vs Anderson debates after that game.

Pretty much everything said in your post has been discussed on here. Multiple times. I’m not saying that to be rude. There is some good debate on here, but there is also attacks from too many people on both sides, so if you didn’t read the board I understand why.

Now, to the team itself:, yes all these kids will improve. Many don’t realize that Jones, like Gafford, didn’t start playing until HS (9th or 10th grade). Yet, some on here talk about he should be much better than he is, can you imagine how good he’d be if he had played since he was 5 or six like everyone else? The other guys are gaining valuable experience as was stated, they will be better. We won’t be the youngest team in America next year. That alone will win us some games.

As for the recruits and who arrives next year, I don’t like the two Dudley thinks we are landing. The other night, I watched some tape on each of our guys in the basketball recruiting prospects Dudley has listed on the recruiting board. Franklin was at the bottom of my list, looked too similar to Adrio for my liking. Now, just a few minutes of both highlight film and some game film aren’t really a lot to go on, but that was my impression in comparing each of the kids we are after. Hawkins was 5th out of seventh on my list. Just thought he was to slow. Again just my opinion after watching a few minutes of tapes, so if it’s those two, we maybe having this exact discussion next year, again.

To the game tomorrow night, I agree with you about the importance. I actually believe it will decide Mike’s fate for remaining Razorbacks HC. Mike has called the team out and wants them to respond, if they don’t it’s a signal he may have lost the team. If they come out and play their hearts out and still lose, it maybe the final blow for (to quote CMA) their “shattered” confidence. Both of those outcomes, and I think a 2-16 season in the SEC will happen, I don’t know if CMA will survive that. Now, if they come out and win, and as Nate’s column up top talks, wins the next two at home after that (and beat LSU in the rematch, my opinion it’s possible) then this season could still turn out with a NIT or better trip. For a young team, a NIT trip isn’t exactly a bad thing, even though some on here think it’s the end of the world.

In my opinion there has to be a change in style of play. This trapping defense that leaves shooters wide open doesn’t work. Every team we play either pass over our our traps or dribble around. Until that gets fixed it doesn’t matter who we sign.

I’ve liked some of the stretches we’ve played without Dan in the lineup but no doubt we will miss him.

I think what we are missing this year is that guy that can pass out of the High Post, wish we’d run Dan there some.

Gabe has shown some flashes of being able to pass out of that position and i think it’s the biggest thing that Reggie needs to work on. He forces it when it’s not there but i think he gets better.

I would love to land Hawkins and i’m a big fan of Javon. He’s a better player than Adrio IMO assuming he’s healthy.

Bold section reply, I agree with you, never really thought about Chaney being there, but that makes a lot of sense.

Italics section reply. Haven’t seen much of any of these guys, just a few minutes of tape on each, so I’ll have to assume you’ve seen more of them, so I’ll take your word for it