'Good things' taking place with Chaney in lineup

“A lot of good things have taken place with him out there," Mike Anderson said Thursday.

On Reggie Chaney’s growth in the last week since playing a career-low 5 minutes vs. Florida: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … ey-lineup/

I don’t get the deal on Reggie Chaney. Everyone who has watched the Razorbacks this year from the Red-White game through the Tennessee game could see Reggie Chaney was one of our most talented players with a nice upside, yet Coach Anderson continued to let him play behind Adrio and Gabe who have not played real well this year, to put it mildly. Now Coach tells us Chaney has really started to mature and play well in the last week. I don’t buy that.

How good would Chaney have been if he had been starting and playing all year? Probably real good.

It’s like Coach Anderson woke up one day and said…"gee, I think I’ll let Reggie play more, maybe we’ll play better with him in the lineup’. This is like bizarro world. Did he not know Chaney might be a better player than Gabe or Adrio if he had played a much bigger role this year before conference play began?

I guess my frustration is Chaney should have been starting and playing a lot all year. He would have been a much better player and ready to compete in the SEC. This is something I have posted about numerous times since the season began. What the heck is going on over on that bench where the coaches sit?

The one game he started he did not do very good.

Chaney doesn’t start because if you start him then who comes in for Gafford? Yes, sometimes their on the floor together depending on the flow of the game, but if he automatically starts with Gafford, then the replacement for Gafford is Bailey and Gabe. Defensively, Gabe is an ok substitution for Gafford but not offensively and Bailey is a mixed bag right now.

I saw two televised games of Chaney while he was in high school and said then, and agree with it more now, that he will become a fan favorite. I love all the men who put on the Razorback uniform, but Chaney is my favorite newcomer this year. He’s blue collar, nothing fancy, put on his hard hat, and goes to work kind of player. I like that.

Bring Gabe or Adrio in for Gafford. What difference does it make, really? Not much, in my view.

You start your best players and Chaney is one of them. Chaney, Gafford, Joe, Harris and Jones. If you have a short bench, you just have to suffer with it. You play some zone, you quit pressing and go to a more structured offense. Coach Anderson has done a little of this.

What if you were Reggie Chaney and sat behind Gabe and Bailey? This could make for one unhappy player. We have seen enough transferring. It is past time to start Chaney and give him starters minutes. That is all I am saying. It appears Mike Anderson has come to this realization. Good, better late than never.

The reason we have lost players in the past is because of lack of playing time! Good players too. Some on here call them babies or they have meddling parents. The fact is they expect to play.

General got it right. Chaney is the best viable sub for Gafford right now. If Reggie & Dan start together & depending on who & when they need a breather and/or their foul situations, you run the risk of having Adrio & Gabe on the floor at the same time for extended periods. Then it turns into a turnover and fouling melee and very limited offense.
This roster needs 1 more reliable big that isn’t a liability and has some consistency.

I said at the beginning of the season Chaney will make the starting 5 early and I think he starter worthy, but your best players have to be managed properly to avoid a huge drop off when subbing.