Good thing White House won’t consider this suggestion

First Lady had said that she was going to ask President to invite Iowa with LSU to traditional champions dinner because Iowa played a great game. LSU player called it a ‘joke’. Since then First Lady has dropped this idea. It had bad optics written all over it.

Jill was totally wrong in many aspects. Can’t comprehend her total lack of awareness. Just dumbfounded. I don’t blame the LSU women being offended.
UA…Campus of Champions


I’m sure she regrets it. Bad suggestion.

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I just hope they don’t feed 'em cold Big Macs.


I’m just going to have a good chuckle and say nothing.


You got something against Big Macs?

Given the inconsistent recent habit of who is invited, and who attends, honoring an extra set of women for an amazing achievement - largest viewership of a Women’s CG - is not necessarily unheard of, but difficult being the first.

Raising awareness (creating awareness) is not a bad thing. But, this one toppled a sacred cow and was a toe stub.

An update on the situation:

This whole thing needs to be tamped down. A lot of what Barbie was quoted as saying in the article was presumptuous to say the least. I think the First Lady meant well, she just did not consider all the racial angles. Mulkey can gather her team and go to the Big House. Barbie can make her own decision about going, although Mulkey may have something to say about that. Mulkey strikes me as an opinionated person who can be persuasive. I suspect Barbie will end up going to the Big House and will take a selfie of her together with the First Lady.

Yes, Jill Biden stepped into a steaming pile, but it seems what was an ill advised statement has been escalated into a terrible over reaction. With no attempt to be partisan or inflammatory, and regardless of political leanings, it seems clear that Jill’s intent, albeit naive, maybe even insensitive was surely not motivated by what Reese seems to imply. I have never walked in her shoes, so it would be wrong for me to tell her how to feel, but I do know if one has their antenna up for slights, insults and misspoken words, I am sure they will pick up more stations and signals than Dish, Direct TV, etc.

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Typical LSU crap.

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I get where Reese is coming from to a certain extent but someone needs to tell her to cool it.

Jill made a very ill-advised comment but she’s still the First Lady.


Amen Richard. She’s obviously LOOKING for something to be offended about.

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It’s clear Reese loves the attention. And it’s working.

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Not touching this subject with a 10 foot pole.

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I agree. First Lady had good intentions, but it doesn’t work that way in sports. Reese has a good point in not wanting to share the big day with Iowa. But First Lady backed off, so should Reese.

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That the press/anyone would make anything out of this is notable. She was expressing empathy for Iowa. She has a sense of humor. Get over it- like when you say something akin.

Anything else said is baiting for outrage points.

Pass the popcorn please.

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It wasn’t a good idea, but it was hardly a major gaff. Just a bad suggestion. People do that all the time. I have gotten a bit tired of this LSU player, though. She should enjoy the achievement & chill out. Just one more reason for me to dislike LSU–as if there weren’t enough already.


I would hate to think what “Br” would feed 'em. :sunglasses: