Good that it was not close.

That way we know it is not officiating, it’s not luck, and it’s not coaching. Clearly Mississippi is the better team. They are more athletic, greater skills, and can shoot better. That is not unexpected. It’s almost impossible to recruit the better SEC players to Arkansas. It has been that way for the last 25 year and it is not likely to change. Therefore, I just enjoy watching the games and I don’t worry about winning because I don’t expect it. And, sometimes we will be the favorite team and that is especially thrilling.

This is basically the same team Ole Miss had last year with a new coach. In the Rebels case, it is indeed coaching. It has made the difference this year.

You may be right.

Yes coaching is the difference in this case with OM. Kennedy is a good coach but after 12 years there things just got stale & like he said he just lost the confidence of his players.
Barnes was in the right place at right time with some good experienced players already on hand.

Similar to what will happen here if MA is replaced next year or year after. Right coach at right time will inherit a pretty good team.


FYI, Ole Miss has six new players, three of which are in their top seven of playing time.

Kermit Davis has always been a great coach. It’s his off-court stuff that has kept him from ascending to the top of his profession

Kermit has had a tough time getting past his first gig at A&M. Two year ban is tough! He’s a heck of a coach though.

K. Davis paid for his issues dearly compared to the other scum bags like Bruce Pearl , Ben Holland and John “Greaeball” Cal. There’s a double standard across the college athletic landscape.

to the wire, losing by one. Who among us will attend the next Hog game at Coleman Coliseum (Bama’s home)?

What he did at A$M really wasn’t even all that bad. He paid for a player to fly home for a relative’s funeral. The Aggies were under the NCAA’s radar for Jackyl Sherrell’s dirty dealings at the time and quickly offered up KD as a sacrificial lamb. Yes the man can coach and assemble a team. No doubt about that.Mike can coach too, but has really had a run of bad luck. Imagine this team with a healthy Khalil Garland, a healthy Jordan Phillips and Darious Hall with his head on straight.