Good story on the reconciliation between Bielema, Alvarez … _BretBarry

An excellent read. Good for them to “bury the hatchet” True friends are hard to come by.

:smiley: That is wonderful to see.

I am happy for both of them and their families.

Close friends are one of our life’s greatest blessings.

My best friend and I met in September 1965 as we
moved into Yocum as freshmen at The University of Arkansas.

Kindred spirits and friends forever.

‘Skip’, have a great weekend.
ADG :slight_smile:

Great story, and so glad to see about the reconciliation.

Good story,but read the comments about the story-

Good read, glad to see them bury the hatchet as far as the comments there always going to be naysayers throwing shade,doubt and just plain hatred towards others that just the way it is in life unfortunately.WPS

That was nice to read. Life is too short to carry grudges.