Good story on Chris Mortensen

A lot of things I didn’t know about Mort. And answered one question I had: He’s still living in Bella Vista.

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Very informative and inspirational on several levels. Impressive!

I’m glad to read that Chris is still in the area. He sat in the press box prior to one of the Super Regional games at Baum last June and said he was looking to sell his home in Bella Vista, I think to be closer to ESPN. That was before his diagnosis. I have heard him say he loves the area.

Thanks for that link. His is an inspirational story.

I talked to Chris last spring after he had begun the radiation and chemo. He told me he’d found a nice property at Tonitown and bought it. But still had his Bella Vista property. He said this was the best place in the world to fight what he was fighting … good people, good churches and just a place where he’d found his most happiness. He did sell some property on the White River near Goshen. It was once where he thought he would build a place, but never did. Proved to be a good investment and it paid a nice return. Perhaps the Tonitown property will turn out the same. But he loves this area.

and she said he was getting better and better, just tired a lot after what all he had gone through.

Good dude.

Hope he continues to improve.

Happy he has found his home in NW Arkansas.

I will say this, Northwest Arkansas is a better place for having Chris Mortensen as a neighbor. I get kind notes and emails from him after he reads things I write. I’m sure others do, too. That’s just the way he operates. He leaves a trail of smiles behind him. Just so people here know, he’s always been on our site. Always. He doesn’t post, but he keeps up with the Hogs in several sports. I have been at a baseball game and I’ll get a text after he has watched a play. Of course, he knows baseball very well. He was the beat writer for the Dodgers and broke the story about the strike. I think he was working for the Orange County paper and regularly whipped the beat writer for the LA Times over and over.