Good story about Travis Swanson and other NFL retirees

That was a good article…but I have to wonder what the writer makes,if as he says about Swanson, “…earning just north of $5 million, which is not walk-away money.” $5M in five years is more than I will make in my lifetime. I could walk away with that and I know that is not what he walked away with taxes, agent fees, and expenses, but that is a lot of money in five years and should set him and his family up well going forward. I also think five years is when players are fully vested in the NFL retirement program and he will make more per year from that than I make in my full-time position now. NFL players earn everything they get. I can’t imagine the pain they feel on a daily basis and will probably feel for the rest of their lives and from someone who battles a number of pain inducing ailments on a regular basis…money does not make the pain go away or make it easier to endure.