Good start

2 runs, 2 runners on, & no outs with our 5th batter up. Gotta like that.

I like everything but the out by Fletcher failing to move the runners up!

And now we allow a leadoff walk followed by a 2 run HR. Knight needs to settle down. We’re playing better than Bama so far, but the score is still tied.

Bama guessed on that pitch the kid homer on and they were right. The hogs needed to cash in the first inning for more runs but failed too! We will lead the runners left on base when this game is over. I hope we lead the most important part the score!

Well, Kjerstad leads off with a double in B3. We ought to get him in against this team. Tired of leaving runners on.

Nice to see the sac fly by Lee! That homer by Fletcher was crushed.

At least nobody left on base. The 2 out homer by Fletch was nice. I would have batted HK in had he not scored on Lee’s sac fly. Now we’ve recouped our 2 run lead. Hope we don’t need any more runs, but I’d like to have them. Not sure Blaine is pitching as well as we’ve seen.

It appears he’s just a little off and not getting many close balls called for him.
The change up is fine but a little off with the curve.

Perfect hit and run!

Well, we get another runner to 3rd with less than 2 outs & still don’t get him in. Cole’s at bat was disappointing. HK’s fly would’ve scored him on the next.

DVH said he’s satisfied with our approach at the plate. If so, I suppose we’ll get some runs in. We need Knight to have a good 5th.

Well, not an easy 5th for Knight. We are lucky we only gave up 1 run in that inning. He’s over 90 pitches now. Doubt he’ll start the 6th.

We are going to need more runs to win this thing.

Again I miss my prediction about when DVH will replace a pitcher. BK got through 6 at 101 pitches & setting down the Tide 1, 2, 3.

I still want a couple of more runs.

You got your two runs. Lol. Ask for two more. :lol:

All right 7-3 after 6. Now we need Reindl to shut them down.

You’re right, bro, I’ll take 2 more in the 7th.

That 7th inning was a bit more exciting than I like, but at least we got out of it without allowing any runs. We should have been out of it following that double play, but that was a weird hit bouncing off the 1st base bag. Great play by Hunter Wilson to get that last out & strand their runner on 3rd.

Oh why in the world does Lee try to score from 3rd with no outs on that bad throw? We should have runners on the corners with no outs right now.

He tried to score from 2nd and that was the first out of the inning!

Need the break this cycle of leaving RISP. I’ve lost count again. Lol

You’re right. He had 3rd & got greedy. Instead of us being up 8-3 right now, it’s 7. That ain’t bad heading to the 8th, but that 5th run means a GS won’t beat you.

Have you lost count or just can’t count that high? It might be the latter for me. :slight_smile: