Good SO for Rhett Lashlee

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Man, they looked good. That’s who (King) I wanted badly to come run KB offense. Rhett will be a head Coach sooner rather than later

It would be great karma if Rhett’s first head coaching job was at Auburn, as fired HC Malzahn’s replacement.

Meaning no disrespect to Rhett Lashlee, but I got a bit tired of Herbstreit talking about him. I didn’t watch all the game. Mostly switching back & forth to it. However, it seemed that as soon as I tuned in, Lashlee was the subject of the commentary.

Too early to really tell how good that offense is because they have yet to play a defense that’s very good… I did want King to come here because he is a true dual-threat QB but he did not look very good throwing the ball the first week .He did last night, so we will see as time goes on and he faces better defenses.

It comes down to Miami’s offensive line. It has been bad for several years. It is somewhat better. Is it a good o line yet? Not sure. Sound familiar?

Yeah, I’m not ready to buy Miami. Too early.

I like all former Arkansas QBs; kudos to Rhett. (well, except for the guy that migrated to osu)

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