Good so far

5-5 17:46

You posted to quick. We have taken some poor shots that have led to easy scores on the other end. The freshmen isn’t ready for this!

One on one, poor passing, turnovers.

A lot of time left.

Bailey starting again? After Dustin played his best game so far? Bailey has missed a 9 foot shot, let their best player drive around him for a wide open lay-up. And isn’t moving without the ball.

as soon as they start passing and moving the ball, good things happen. They need to stop this one on one stuff and turnovers.

Thomas looking ok on that switch

I can’t blame Trey on that last one, I saw the same thing he did. Daryl just didn’t go.

Better job under the hole rebounding with Trey in the game. We are hitting the 3

14-0 run for the Chickens, followed immediately by a 15-0 run for the good guys. Now lead 20-19, SoCar just burned a timeout.

Keep that zone, keep the passing going like we are and we could win this.

I can’t believe Manny fouled on that 3 attempt

Got to rebound

And stop watching the ball on defense

Is Thornwell a SR? Seems like that guy has been there forever

It’s good to see them honoring Manny out on the 3 point line.

I hope Thorwell is a senior.
Tired of him eating our lunch. What about Bardford. Hot!

Has Beard played?

He is in now

That’s become the classic Beard move. Drive wildly into a bunch of guys and throw a crazy and embarrassing shot up and hope someone bails him out with a foul.

We are in that drought time, and SC has figured out the weak spot in the zone. Good timeout by Mike.

Why is Beard in the game? He has shown nothing.