Good sign on Khadim Sy

It is being reported that he has canceled his LSU visit. Also, Corey Williams is visiting Sy right now,

Conflicting info out there.

Ohhhh weeeee I’ll throw some of my own personal :moneybag: into that :briefcase: if I need too.

Like what?

Some saying he will still visit LSU

Yep. Reports out there that he will visit there Tuesday. We may see him visit there, then visit here right after.

I would say the fact that there is even a bit of hesitation with LSU is a good thing for Arkansas

Should we worry if we start beating out LSU for basketball recruits?

Worry about being penalized like LSU, Auburn, Arizona, Kansas etc.

That’s funny, unless you were being serious, can’t read sarcasm most times. I can see EM beating out the cheaters in the current climate, nobody’s really had the book thrown at them yet, but there is doubt about what the end of this looks like.

Is it possible that we will have Connor and Sy there at the same time?

I have a good gut feeling on Khadim Sy. Again, it’s gut, but the fit is just perfect. Sy is a modern big, who can face-up, spread the floor and rebound. These characteristics are a 100% fit with how Muss utilizes bigs. Typically, foreign players that come over to the US are looking for A fast track to get them to professional basketball. Muss obviously is at an advantage there. Lastly, Sy can step right in alongside some really good pieces that can benefit his game and production. There may be some better relationships that we have to overcome, but it just feels like a good situation to me.

The one issue I have with offering and getting both Vanover and Sy is Jaylin Williams. Sy would be here for one year, and Vanover at least two (of Williams four). That may affect Williams decision. I think Williams is the better long term than Vanover, and playing one year with Sy may be good for him, but will we be able to accept his commitment if we already have the other two?

Good chance Sy would just be here for one season IMO.

Who are those better relationships? My personal observation is that most kids choose schools based on relationships. The reason a relationship developed is because the kid made an assumption that the system of that coach fits him and he will get enough PT.

All I’m saying is that the other schools in this final five have been on him longer. Also, he has a teammate committed to Ole Miss.