Good season with disappointing ending

23 wins,
Tie for 4th in regular season,
SECT semis,
RPI of less than 30
Wins over ranked teams Minnesota, Tennessee, A&M, Auburn, Florida and tournament teams Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama and Bucknell
5 sellouts, increase in attendance and revenue
outstanding seasons by Macon and Barford, better than expected matured play by Gafford

Besides the last two games, disappontments were Garland non-availability dictated more than deserved increased PT for Beard and higher expectation of CJ and neither delivered, inconsistency at the 4 position and lack of maturity of Thomas and Cook.

Plus this team won offense. Defense clicked in few games and in spots but never consistently, resulting in more than usual double digit losses. This was the most frustrating part for the coaching staff

But enjoyed the season, driving to home games. This team gave BWA crowds a lot of thrills and excitement this year. SECT was a lot of fun. Glad to be part of it.

Nice to see Hogs in NCAAT 3 of last 4 years. Look forward to next year. Let’s keep this going.

Overall agree, I enjoy our style of play, most teams are playing uptempo, 3 point shooting, basketball, it brought us back from the abyss of irrelevance. Got us going to the Dance consistently. Gotta get over the hump. But enjoyed watching these guys.

Definitely need to get over the hump. I don’t see anything wrong with defensive scheme and how they mix defenses. Never thought this team executed the scheme consistently. They never did replace Manny Watkins. They did not find their glue.