Good Read: What if Derek Fisher had played for the Razorback's

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Good article, but wasn’t there a big ego pissing match between Nolan and Ripley going on in those years where nobody from Parkview went to the Hill? Or is my memory having an early senior moment?

That could be it. Also it is also possible the young man didn’t want to go to the hill! He wasn’t a hog fan! Very possible.

Like Corliss said, Fisher wasn’t ready for the Hogs out of H.S. The entire starting 5 of his Parkview squad signed D1 letters, with Dion Cross (Stanford) probably being the most coveted by the Hogs. Fisher always played with a lot of heart, but back then he was probably the 6th best player on the team because a junior, Al Flanagan (Auburn), was the 6th man off the bench but Parkview started the seniors. Arkansas was loaded with guards at the time, but Fisher would’ve played if he had transferred from UALR. Different day and time with how transfer are done now though.