Good read on Bucky … soc_trk=fb

One of these days one of these coaches is going to get criminal charged or sued for fraud and have to return all of his salary. I don’t have much sympathy for the school because they turned a blind eye, but some coaches have a lot of power and can destroy a program, even with oversight. For that, there should be punishment beyond losing one’s job.

I have no sympathy for Bucky whatsoever. However, his punishment in this case is already pretty severe. There is still a good chance he will be banned from coaching at an NCAA school for a while.

ouch that was a good article. Bjork needs to go too…

I agree. I’m sure there is more to this story when all the facts come out. I wonder how many escorts there are in Oxford? I’ll guess we’ll find out. :lol:

After reading this article and factoring in my nearly thirty years of living around a large contingent of Ole Miss Alums and fans, all I can say this episode perfectly demonstrates/describes Ole Miss to me. While I know that many of us have biases for our own programs, Ole Miss has always had the persona (to me) that if you talk important, act important, then you are important even though it is only talk and a persona whose foundation is built on sand. In summary, superficial possibly even fake. They seemingly have awarded themselves an elite status, albeit undeserved.

Re: Ole Miss fans
“Never in the field of college athletics have so many bragged so much about so little.” (With apologies to Winston Churchill.)