Good read here

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Enjoyed reading that! Thanks for bringing it to the board.

Thank you Richard! That still gives me goose bumps going back in time and remembering those years! What a fun time.

That is a wonderful article. Thanks, RD. for bringing it to this board.

Sweet memories!

Thanks for sharing.


I didn’t know we set the SEC scoring record two years in a row.

Stationed at Hawaii at the time, the NCAA tournament TV games were delayed. I had to sneak home to listen to the Duke title game live on radio. I was jumping and yelling throughout the game. Later that night I watched the delayed telecast enjoying pizza with champagne!


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Thanks so much for sharing this. I was lucky enough to be able to attend that Final 4 as well as stay at the team hotel and in addition, ride on the team buses to and from the arena after we won it all. Easily the greatest sporting event for me to ever be a part of so far in my lifetime! Man this brings up some great memories and a couple of nights of celebrating and little to no sleep!

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