Good read and written in 2017 … /97400990/

Now I have no idea where we were on the list.

But the question begs to show me why we can not compete. BTW read where it sayss what the NCAA gets.

[color=#FF0000][size=150]So where would college FB be without the SEC?

Even though it may be true we are a small state, (at 63) I still don’t get it that we can not compete!!

On that thread about paying 7M to the new recruiting position (or whatever it’s going to be called) WHY NOT do something crazy??


Hard to pay a recruiting coordinator millions when the salaries of what seems like thousands of Associate/Assistant/Deputy Assistant/ Athletic Directors must be supported. Is it just me or has Jeff Long basically doubled the population of Washington County with athletic department support staff since his arrival?

He only needs one more hire to round things out. Associate Athletic Director - Cold Bottled Water Division

Agree with this. Tired of the “we can’t…poor us” mentality. Arkansas has the facilities and resources to compete for national championships in all major sports (and have done so). They just need to do it…

[color=#FF0000]I agree that the 7M is over the top. BUT IMO we need to do something.
Come up with a well thought out plan of action. A VISION and specific details, comprehensive, exhaustive, Plan to carry out that vision. Make it so detailed that The Plan will be easy to see, AND hard to argue against.

Give me the facts and I could on a spread sheet make a plan of action and I have meet Jerry Jones. Actually I have an "IN " with Jerry that has done business for him since back in the oil or maybe it’s gas business.

NOW, who thinks I’m crazy? Well just drive by or go look at a place in Van Buren, Arkansas called the “Field of Dreams” A place that started out on 63 acres. I designed the place, named it and in 4 years as a 2 man Army, the Late Honorable Mayor Allen Ray Toothaker. And me as the Project Coordinator. We completed 3/4 and Mayor Toothaker lost in his rebid of a 2nd term. BTW he was Mayor for 20 years 12 years prior to that. Pipe dream but I’m sick and tired of the “poor little Arkansas.”

I’d need some facts and I’ll do this for nothing. NOT a dime, just as I did the “Field of Dreams” Might need some gas money or expenses after I’ve spent all I can afford.

SOMEBODY call into Bo’s show and tell him the “Field of Dreams” man who started a project in 1991 has another “Field of Dreams” idea… [/color]

Mike Tucker

Shameless BUMP !!!

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