Good read about life after Petrino … l-timeline

3 years because he kills a program

Killed program, but Brets best season came with a team impacted by his recruits.

His post career damage is extremely over exaggerated. Whatever helps fit a narrative these days.

Sure his departure hurt the team, it would no matter who it was, but it wasn’t the end of the world like devastation.

Petrino is like a dumpster fire with gasoline. Exciting to watch but you know it’s going to end in ashes.

This article has floated around and shows he is not loyal to anything or anyone other than himself and money! He is a complete scum bag!

Better a winning scum bag than a losing buffet buster.

The current coach’s best season was filled with a mixture of players that were recruited by Coach Petrino, Tim Horton - who was key in the interim - and Coach Bielema’s first class, which obviously had several NFL players in it.

As for fitting the narrative, it is what it is. Instead of recruiting late in his coaching tenure, he would go to places and not actually go to the high schools and instead take a “nap” while assistants actually went to the school.

I have always said, great offensive coach, very good overall coach, but not the best dude ever.

The truth is always somewhere in between. Let’s not act like he was a saint or the worst person ever.

Winning scum bags huh,

Wow you would really be ecstatic if we had Petrino & Caliperi coaching our FB & BB programs respectively.

Unfortunately Dudley, what I got out of that article was an anonymous SEC coach speaking about AR saying after he leaves it would take three years to get a solid foundation. Year three was Bret’s 2nd year but here we are six years later and seem to be much worse.

Dudley, I agree and understand all of this. I know he had his flaws, clearly, that’s why he’s not here. I know he wasn’t a great recruiter either. It just drives me nuts when I see countless attempts to blame Brets shortcomings on Petrino, and then over exaggerate the state of the program that he inherited, was it bad? Sure. But it wasn’t as bad as some in the P5. I saw a stat that put Brets conference record in the last 5 years right around worst in the P5 of coaches that were hired in 2013, there’s. I excuses for that. Its year 5 and we are just as bad as we were in year 1. I like to call a spade a spade, and Bret is just not as good of a coach as we thought he was. He was a great hire at the time, but now 5 years down the road, it’s easy to see it wasn’t a good hire.

Coach B’s program is now Coach B’s program.

Whatever happens from this point on - and has been - about what he has done and thus he should own that.

Just as Coach Petrino - and those who still long for him - should acknowledge that it wasn’t an affair with a young girl and a motorcycle in the ditch that took him down. It was the body of work and so many things he did to so many people over the course of his four years that took him down.

I know of at least one high school coach who told his kid not to go to Arkansas because of how Petrino treated kids and coaches. Fans were very upset when this kid chose another school.

I highly doubt this coach was the only one that told his kid not to play for Petrino.