Good pub for Razorback Basketball


Good Find PJ!

No TN or FL or UNC

It will be nice if Muss can put one in the draft every year. More than one is an exception. But if we can get one a year, that is a profile of a Top 10 program or maybe even Top 5.

I am wondering about the percentage of mid major transfers and grad transfers that get drafted. I kind of sense it is low. So, hopefully Muss can sign one potential draftee from high school each year.

2020 class definitely has one in Moody and most probably two with Williams.

I think all 4 signees have potential for the next level. I actually rank Robinson ahead of the others, but his size may hurt him. Devo has the size for a NBA PG, but I haven’t seen enough of him to know his overall package. I was told that his vision is better than KK’s. Which is outstanding.

You just explained the reasons why I did not immediately include KK and Devo in that. But like you said, the two could develop into that, but today I don’t see that as clearly as Moody and Williams.

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