Good Places To Eat?

What are some good places to eat with fun atmosphere in Dixon St area or elsewhere? We are 70 but like to have fun.


Herman’s (on College, not Dixon) has been one of my favorites for a very very long time.


I stay clear of Dickson Street. I like Herman’s as well. I have never been one to go there.

If I do, it’s either Bordinos or Theo’s.

Doe’s Eat Place.

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West Mountain Brewery on south side of square

Agree on Does; must try tamales with chili for appetizer. Best to go early—5-ish.

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Go put your name on the waitlist at Hugo’s, then head to Maxine’s or The Vault for drinks. Get a bracelet for walking the district with your beverage, and you can even take it into Hugo’s if your table is ready before you finish your drink.

I second Hugo’s

Hugo’s is great! I like Ferrell’s for the sports bar theme. Doe’s is good for dinner and I’m sure it will be crowded after the game on Saturday.

Hugo’s is my wife’s favorite. She loves the chicken sandwich. I think it’s the Derek’s Chicken Sandwich. Can’t go wrong. Comes off the flat top and is seasoned right.

Cheers in the Old Post Office on the Square is good, too.

I like Giraldi’s for a low key Italian place. Simple, but really solid.

Pesto’s Cafe on College inside the parking lot of the Big Chief Motel is fantastic. I love their seafood pasta in various forms. I can’t eat it all. It’s a big plate.

Derek’s Special. It’s good, but I never get past the burgers. And they’ve also got a really good beer cheese soup. Go with grasshopper crepes for dessert.

Clay has a solid list here.

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I agree with Hugo’s. Great cheeseburger and fries….also try the beer cheese soup. Very popular place….you’re probably going to have to wait.

The burger I get at Hugo’s is Blue Moon Burger. Swiss cheese. They also have a bacon burger. But it doesn’t matter because they all are great.

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Thanks a lot for the input. Sounds like we have some great choices. Go Hogs

There is a new pizza place in Johnson that is good. It is called Pizzeria Ruby. You’ll probably wait an hour for a seat on a Friday night, but it’s a neat place. It reminds me of something you’d find on 30A in Florida.

Isn’t the Bleu Moon Burger the one with Bleu cheese? I think they also have a Swiss Cheese burger with bacon.

Anyway, they’re all good.

Yup. And I am salivating.

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This thread is making me wistful. I was in law school from 1977-1980. My wife and I went to Hugo’s weekly. Glad to know it’s still good 40 years later.

One restaurant that I remember with great longing was Heine’s Steakhouse. Gosh it was good. But long gone. I can still taste the vintage steak.

Edit to add:

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If I want a treat, I’ll go to Bordinos or Theo’s. Another favorite is Cafe Rue Orleans. Sunday brunch at Cafe Rue is wonderful, but I’d recommend a reservation as the restaurant is very small.

Bordino’s was my date night spot in NWA. Kept meaning to try Cafe Rue Orleans and never got there. Love Hugo’s. Haven’t tried Theo’s.

It’s nothing fancy, but I’ve had many good meals at Neal’s Cafe in Springdale. Used to be my go-to place after church on Sunday if I didn’t have to get to the Broyles Center ASAP, and it’s still going strong 40 years later.

The “best” restaurant in town is Atlas, Vetro 1925 is also very good, both are located on the square, or within a block.