Good piece by Dudley on possible early signing period … es-closer/

One huge winner of this proposal would be northern schools. That is if they allow official visits prior to the June period which I’m sure they will.

No more hosting kids in Dec. and Jan. with temps in the single and below digits and snow drifts up to lord who knows. The Big Ten has been wanting this forever.

I am all for it on the merits and because of the same deal as Coach B says - you won’t have to spend as much attention on who is chasing the commits/signees.

I am all for it on the merits and because of the same deal as Coach B says - you won’t have to spend as much attention on who is chasing the commits/signees.

Jay Bilas actually had a good point about this screwing the kids over. Will use AUB, LSU, Texass, and Okie Light for examples. They’ve signed kids in June and there will probably be a new coach at those schools. Kids are stuck.

I would bet the NCAA would give them an out if there was a coaching change.

They’re supposed to do that in Basketball to, but how much you want to bet the schools will start putting restrictions like can’t go to an SEC school. Think about the kids that are excited because the school that offered is a SEC school.

There are very few kids that haven’t been able to transfer, many after it gets out that the coach is limiting them.

I don’t think that should be a factor at all in this discussion of the early signing period.

I think it’s good for us. It would slow down the Bamas and others from using our commitment list as a fallback option when they miss on some of their targets.

It also rewards staffs like ours who do their own, early evaluation and find prospects that often blow up after we offer them.

I think Saban hates it because it makes it tougher for Bama to string good recruits along and then either demand a gray shirt or drop a kid after almost everyone else is full. Now schools will either have to sign a kid early and live with it or keep the slot open and see what happens. It is good for the kids and for the schools who find the “hidden” talent early. The kid gets his ride guaranteed and the schools putting in the work have a chance to lock down a player early.

I will be very curious to see how many kids sign in the summer after the fiirst year or so. I doubt very many schools are going to want to sign half their class before the kids play as seniors/JC sophs, and I think a lot of kids will keep their options open until at least December.

I think December will be the true high pressure period. The recruits will have played all or almost all of their final prep/JC year, the staff will have had an opportunity to fully evaluate and maybe get the kid on campus. The kids will have a better idea about their options. The pressure will be on both sides to make a decision in December, because the numbers will start to catch up with everybody after the new year. After the smoke clears in December, the schools will have to decide what they still need and the recruits will have to decide if there really is an opportunity to start/play a lot based on the early signing period.

Like all new rules, there’s always some tweaking after the first year or so. There’s usually some unforeseen consequences.