Good piece about LR schools

by Bo. Been getting several DMs and texts from coaches from the LR district. … ll-talent/

Never say “Never” because often change occurs when you least expect it. However the last line of the story (“If the Razorbacks are ever going to win the SEC, they’re going to need football in Little Rock to be fun again.”) does not offer much hope for Arkansas winning a SEC\National championship if that is a factual statement. It is easier to build basket ball teams due to numbers needed and schools will have hard time raising $ to upgrade facilities in light of participation levels. Second , making football fun in Little Rock will depend on Hawgs playing someone like LSU instead of La-Monroe and winning there when they do play. That also goes against the need\focus to have games on the campus. Coach at Arkansas has to be a great and relentless recruiter to have a chance as the best coach in league (Saban) is all of that with better assets.

This article is perfect to highlight for many the struggles within Little Rock. Parkview will have 60 boys try out for the basketball team from each grade some years yet the school only gets 25-30 boys out for football. BTW that is where Keith Jackson’s kids started out. The oldest two graduated from there then Keith moved Kolian to Robinson. If the basketball kids will return to the football field you will be surprised of the talent that is being lost. Hall high is a sad state of affairs now whereas 10-15 years ago they were a state championship caliber team.

The charter schools are also hurting football. EStem has a full school yet no football team. There went many of the kids who could be playing football, now they are scattered at these charter schools, who, btw none of them offer football.

Well, it’s not an original topic, it’s been on every message boards for the past 5-7 years on the demise of LR football. I guess it’s important now that Bo mentioned it, lol.