Good ole boy network

Specifically, who are you guys referring to?

The guys with a lot of money. If you have to ask, you can’t afford to be told, haha.

I’m no insider and know no insiders.

However, it sounds like the Springdale Mafia is at work again.

Hopefully, I’m proven wrong.

I think it’s a pejorative way to refer to those former players & major donors who have access to and influence on people at the UA. Such “good ole boy” networks exist everywhere. People who give a lot have influence. People who are friends with them also have influence.

I don’t think such people necessarily have bad motives or cause bad things to happen. However, they often have a tendency to think they’re more qualified than they are to run athletics or other aspects of a University. It appears some of them caused Long to be fired, but I don’t know that for sure. I hope we learn more before long. I think it was a bad decision to fire Long, but I don’t know all the factors that went into the decision, either.

It takes more than the Springdale mafia to execute this coup, I imagine some LR and Texas influences have their hands all over it, too.

I suspect you’re right. I don’t know about Texas influences. The most influential Texas booster I know of is Jerry Jones. I have no idea about what he thought of Long, but his opinion is one that the BOT would listen to. I am sure the Stephens network in LR has some thoughts & was probably involved.