Good News!

We are only 4 wins from a national championship! I believe the two best teams left in the tournament are Ole Miss and us. Ole Miss has relied on two starting aces and they have thrown 100 and 114 pitches, Hunter Elliott and Dylan DeLucia respectively. It is obvious that Ole Miss will not pitch DeLucia untill Thursday on 4 days rest as they hope he’ll not have to pitch again until Saturday.

My opinion is that we should not pitch Noland until Thursday when he would be more rested since Noland threw only 79 pitches in his last start. Advantage Arkansas. We have to play and win 2 games to advance so both are equal in importance.

In today’s game I would start Hagen Smith since he has started 14 games this year and is fully rested. Then let a fairly rested bullpen take over when needed. Then it will come down to each team’s aces and Noland should have the advantage of throwing 35 less pitches last Saturday than DeLucia. WPS!!!


We have to rake the next 4 games.

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If we win tonight we have a decent chance to advance. I think we have a good chance tonight. Gets harder tomorrow, but insurmountable. I don’t want think much beyond tonight. Sure can’t make myself worry about Saturday

Great minds think alike eldo. That is exactly what I would do. If we can get to Thursday, I like our chances with Connor.


if we win tonight, it could be that Ol Miss gets Rattled and feels Jinxed just like we did when the ball dropped in CWS against the Beavers.

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Hawgs have to take it like they did in Carolina and against Stanford and Auburn. They cannot depend on help from Ole Miss. Would be nice to get help but the Hogs are better team and any team in the playoffs is capable of winning it all at this point. Like the movie Remember the Titians. “leave no doubt”. Will be a good atmosphere like it was for game one.

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