Good news

Alabama 42, Auburn 13, for those still hoping, Gus Malzahn may soon be available :grin:.

Who would want him?

This is actually a really interesting question. Auburn recruits pretty darn well. Where can he go with talent on the same level–or even just slightly below? You pretty much know what you’re getting from him at this point. It’s certainly an upgrade in a lot of places, but there’s no mystery. The best thing for him might be to sit out a year and build up some intrigue. Maybe Tennessee moves on from Pruitt and they give Gus a call?

Auburn, like so many other little brothers, will do anything to win and rules are lines to step over, so wishing Gus fired may only make them better. Maybe the ideal situation is barely hanging on where he and his crazy wife are so unpopular that even their Huddle House dates are miserable. Yes, I know Huddle House and miserable are redundant.

I was thinking Auburn and miserable are redundant.

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I’ll be surprised if Auburn does not release him. But I’ve been surprised before. His issues this year start with his OL. As noted on here by folks that know his OL coach (J.B. Grimes) left after last year probably knowing that a combination of youth and lack of talent in the OL would be tough to overcome. Gus will be hard pressed to find another job where recruiting will be easier. But he’ll coach somewhere.

Aubie should have two more loses to us and Ole Miss… that would have certainly been his undoing. 25 million be damned.

Would be surprised if Auburn releases Gus & pays $25M, especially if they don’t have a better HC candidate in the pipeline. Perhaps they do but have not heard of any possible replacements.

Alabama dominates almost everyone, including GA & aTm this year. Until Saban retires & AL stops reloading with top recruits with NFL aspirations, coaching changes at other SEC schools will not change the outcome of their games against AL.

Yeah, I know Clay and Matt have both talked about how this year, more than most, is particularly muddled in terms of finances. It might be that Auburn doesn’t have much of a choice and gives the Bus one more ride before trading it in for a zippier sports car. After all, they just found out that it’s hard to go hammer down in a bus.

Some Aub donors will have to pony up if they cut ties with Gus and make a splash hire. That program has to be financially strapped as the rest right now and Aub won’t want to go with an up and comer type coach there.

Of course people would want him. Especially when you consider he would come with a bonus, OC Chad Morris :smile:.

Nothing surprises me with Auburn. There are many there who openly root for losses and want Gus gone. I know some who hated the botched call with Arkansas because they wanted a loss so big money would pay him to leave.

He might sweet talk out of one side of his mouth, and out of the other whisper sweet nothings in the ear of the Texas. Texas seems the alumni base with enough cash to come up with a buyout, and then by having Gus move there on his own Auburn is off the hook.

I guess the same is true should Tennessee purge Pruitt, and chase Gus.

Of course, the Teasippers think they will be able to lure Urban Meyer out of retirement.

Bottom line, all speculation aside, I can’t see a school forking over a huge buyout unless some really deep pockets cover it for you. I suppose most fanbases have fans with pockets that deep, but most got that way by not throwing away $25M at an ex-coach.

This is Auburn we’re talking about. There’s nothing else to spend your money on in east Alabama, and they are obsessed with beating Bama. Bobby Lowder threw money at players and coaches for decades, Jimmy Rane (Yellawood) does it now. Both of them are/were on the AU board of trustees. It was Lowder’s private jet that flew to Louisville for the secret meeting with Petrino in 2003. And Rane is believed to be the richest man in Alabama.

Maybe Auburn and Texas could work out a Swap…those 2 schools and Tennessee are definitely going to be looking at a change if they can afford it. I think Chad got a 3 year deal so we will save about 1.5 million more regardless if he gets fired or not.

I went to the 6 OT loss to Tennessee years ago with my 2 sons (one of whom fell asleep for all of regulation, then saw all the OTs, so time wise he still saw a whole football game). Vols fans before the game (some of the same ones who had no need for my extra ticket because after 2 games their team was “terrible”) said they hoped we’d win because they wanted Fullmer gone.Then after the game was over they beamed with pride and gave us grief all the way to the hotel, when we got in the hotel, etc. Fans can be crazy.

Urban Meyer is on everyone’s radar, especially ut. That assumes his health will enable him to coach again.

We can also expect Harbaugh to be out at Michigan, & perhaps Franklin at Penn State & Pruitt at Tennessee plus So Carolina searching, so more openings at Big 5 schools than available proven coaches. Just glad that we are not searching for a new coach.

Would this possibly mean we could lose a defensive coordinator?

Understand Odom just purchased a nice home in East Fayetteville so assume that indicates he plans to stay awhile. Hopeful Odom likes Arkansas & enjoys the defensive coordinator role over HC - same as Venables at Clemson. Odom & CSP have a great relationship & walk daily. Arkansas needs to be prepared to pay him competitively. Venables is paid $2.2M.


I think Odom is still getting around 3 million from Mizzou minus the DC salary offset. I think he gets that amount through 2024. He has kids in high school in NWA and rumor is they really like it here. He has zero reason to leave for any job unless it pays 5 million per year or more. I think he stays until his sons graduate high school.

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