Good news

We won’t see a better team this year.

Texas Texh?

Not a chance. EOE could very easily be in Minneapolis for the final weekend. TT, not so much.

I’m going to be bold and say of the next 15 games we have left, we win at least 11 of them. I just have a feeling this team is ready to break out.

Tech isn’t as good offensively as Tennessee.

Geez… I really really really hope your right…

Tennessee is much better than Tech, who is still very, very good

May not, but I’m sweating OleMiss. It could look a lot like today.

JMO, but nothing I’ve seen leads me to believe this team actually wins mor than 5-6 more games in conference the rest of this season.
Just take a close look at the remaining schedule General and tell me the 11 games you see that they winning? I’m very interested for you to point those 11 wins out.
I would love for that to happen, but based on what I see I just don’t see it.

Go Hogs!

That’s why I said it was a bold opinion. Look, we’re not playing well right now, but I’ve watched every team we’re going to face the rest of the season multiple times and the separation between us and almost every other team we play is not much. We’ve all said it already multiple times that if we could have our free throws down, we wouldn’t have lost 3 to 4 of our 6 losses. The margin for even our young team and these other veteran teams is very small in almost every other regard(except Tennessee). I just have this gut feeling that we’re ready to bust out, I don’t know when but I believe it will happen.