Good news on Twitter this am

Rickey Stromberg is actively recruiting one of the safety recruits from the weekend.

There was some concern of RS going into the portal, this would indicate he’s happy here, and man do we need that kid to keep playing for us. As good as he was as a skinny true frosh, can’t wait to see what CSP can do with him!



Yes that is good news. Was wondering about him

He was very happy when Pittman was announced but believe before was he was leaving based on comments before the Mizzou game. Gotta like Pittman and Davis if you are an o lineman (and like physical contact). Ricky needs to hit weight room and gain about 25-30 # of muscle.

I didn’t see those comments? He was a complete stud this year. I would not have thought he would consider leaving.

Ricky loves Pittman. Nothing to worry about.


RS has a ton of up side and should flourish at Arkansas with our new leadership. WPS

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